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Wisenet Integration

Access this powerful off-the-shelf integration.

Dynamic, Instant, Compliant

How would you like to reduce the amount of double handling you do for your team?

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Why Do RTOs Love Cloud Assess?

Have Compliance Peace of Mind

A minefield of obligations and requirements is easier to navigate than ever before. Manage the worry and stress and take steps to control processes with confidence.

Raise Efficiencies

Running an RTO is complex. Cloud Assess simplifies this by providing you with technology and premium service so you can streamline your process and create exceptional student experiences.

Exceptional Learner Experiences

Your students' experience is more important than ever before. From enrolment to Completion you can streamline their journey in your state-of-the-art Training and Assessment Management System.

Sustainable Business Practices

Digital sustainability is on the rise. When you go paperless you help the environment and free up your administrative resources. No more printing, collating, filing, posting, storing, etc.



Cloud Assess is purpose-built for RTOs and integrates seamlessly and off-the-shelf with Wisenet so you can manage your assessments online whether you favour face-to-face, online or a blended approach to your delivery.

Streamline your student experience, gain visibility across your process and spend more time doing what you love.

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