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Stand out from the pack

Ensuring your students have the best experience possible is no mean feat. Utilising a purpose-built solution for Training & Assessment, like Cloud Assess, will support your ambitions to stand out from the pack. Designed specifically for the VET industry it's student-focused, drives progression and efficiency and is built with the number one purpose to keep you compliant.



Ease of Use

With a student-centric user interface, they can navigate quickly and easily without confusion. The flexible authoring tool means you can create interactive and engaging learning content for your students to dive into.


Cloud Assess can be accessed on all browsers and with every device. It maintains the same presentation across all platforms, where some other apps fall short.

Ease of Gathering Evidence

You can support the gathering of evidence throughout the student lifecycle from enrolment to completion by using forms and digital assessments. Students can capture evidence live, whilst in their assessment record, and not worry about losing any files. Effortlessly engage 3rd parties in participating with supplementary evidence.

Reliable, Available, Portable

Your students can access their records at any time and anywhere, even when travelling. There is no need for them to carry around paperwork as everything is accessed and stored in the cloud.

Fair & Consistent

All students will have access to their assessments in the same way. They can see when actions have taken place and receive real-time information on progress through their dashboard.


Communicate in a timely manner with all of your students throughout their journey. Set up workflows that notifies them of when assessments have been released, due dates, when assessments are marked and even send out links to surveys when required.

Cloud Assess Experience

With ASQA's Student-Centred Audit Approach and Student Survey, the Student Experience is a focal point for RTOs. Hear what Chris Weier from FitEducation did to keep up with industry and expectations: