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Make Assessment Simple

Get rid of paper and enter a world of harmony. Paper and disconnected systems can leave you vulnerable to the risk of non-compliance, bad student experiences and lack of profitability.

With paper, there are many unnecessary parts of your process, including printing, collating, posting, filing, processing, scanning, uploading, retaining and destroying. By removing paper you can achieve huge gains in quality, be much more productive and benefit from a sustainable process. 


Online Assessment

Your assessment lifecycle, seamlessly streamlined through your learners journey.


Take the stress out of even more paperwork and processing with a super flexible solution to gathering and managing information

Let it flow!

Provide a consistent and automated experience for all of your users, raising efficiencies and managing compliance obligations.

Stack of Choice

Leverage more streamlining benefits with our powerful off the shelf integrations with all major Student Management Systems.

Never Lose a File

Every assessment record effortlessly retained forever with a full visual and exportable timeline, designed to keep auditors off your back. Years after an assessment is done and dusted, you’ll know when it was created, issued, submitted, saved, opened, marked etc.

Information You've Always Wanted

Stats, dashboard, timeline are just a few tools you can use to keep track. You can even export data to Excel to give you the insight you need to make business decisions.


The Cloud Assess Live Integration ensures that results are fired back to your SMS as they occur, no delays, timely information and transparency to your progress status.

Support at Your Fingertips

Never sit waiting with access to a full suite of video, articles and unlimited Cloud Chat for your team.

No Rigid Structures

Don’t compromise how you operate your business to suit a system. With Cloud Assess we mould to fit your current systems and practices with every Implementation.

Cost Comparison

Calculate the cost of using paper vs using Cloud Assess for your assessments.

Free Trial

Use your content, try every feature and utilise the support of your very own consultant every step of the way.