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Are you an RTO looking for an online assessment solution? With Cloud Assess you can manage your assessments online (without paper), streamline your student experience, gain visibility across your process and spend more time doing what you love.

Read customer stories to find out how.

Customer Stories

Be The Best RTO For Your Students

Enhanced Student Experience

Seamlessly manage your learner journey from enrolment to completion and beyond.

Scale Infinitely

Cloud Assess supports RTOs of all shapes and sizes. You can ramp up or down according to your needs.

Greater Visibility

All users will have greater visibility of workloads and performance to give you the intel when you need it.

Remote Training? No Problem.

Manage your assessments from anywhere…including offline.

LMS for private RTOs

Features that make your student experience shine bright

Online Assessment

Create your assessments and manage revisions to comply with the standards. Use Cloud Assess to satisfy any assessment requirement. Knowledge assessment, practical assessment, observation checklist, evidence portfolio, log book, 3rd party report, RPL.

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Freedom To Author

When designing assessments you use the editing suite where you can create checklists, quizzes and auto-marked questions. Insert a sketch pad where a visual answer is required or to provide reasonable adjustment. Request evidence uploads to be embedded within the assessment. The suite is totally flexible for your design aspirations.

Reuse User Licences

If you run short courses with high turnovers in a month, no worries! You can take the finished licence from your graduate and pass it onto a new recruit at no extra cost.

Data in real time

Instantly analyse results to keep your process moving.
Whether you are mapping your assessments, receiving assessments back from students or reviewing workloads, you can do it, instantly.

Support and Training

You become part of the family when you use Cloud Assess. Use Cloud Chat for tech support and most often you receive help within 2 minutes! Access the Help Centre for a comprehensive library of videos and articles designed to keep you informed. Regular training sessions and webinars are hosted too! 


Cloud Assess integrates with leading Student Management Systems for free!

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Create amazing learner experiences, scale according to your needs,
spend more time doing what you love.