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Are You Ready To Do More For Less?

Cloud Assess is an off the shelf solution for RTOs with unique features that come as standard. Check out the packages below and contact us to get a test drive.

Every Package Includes


All Assessment Tools

Cloud Assess supports all your assessment needs including knowledge assessment, practical assessment, observation checklist, evidence portfolio, log book, 3rd party reports, RPL.


User Profiles

Keep all users organised and seperate for easy access to assigned information. Learners, Trainers, Assessors, Team Roles and 3rd Parties effortlessly navigate through a modern and straightforward interface.


Account Reviews

We check in with you systematically to see how you are going and where we can lend a hand.


Unlimited Online Support

You’ll never be sat waiting with Cloud Chat. Our team are poised for immediate and non-automated responses, all within our app.


Complimentary Training

Our experienced consulting team can help you get from zero to hero in a flash. They’ve got the experience and capability to get you up to speed and saving money in no time.


Certified Security & Infrastructure

Protecting your data is serious. Built upon government grade infrastructure with 256bit SSL encryption, we use the best in the industry to host your data domestically in Australia with Amazon Web Services.

Plus all the features you need...

Training and Assessment

  • Flexible Authoring Rich text, audio, checkboxes, automarking, sketch pads etc.
  • Mapping Map your units of competency to the requirements on training.gov with a click of a button.
  • Assessment Centre Create your assessments and manage revisions to comply with the standards.
  • Quality Checks Systematically check how robust your processes are over a range of settings.
  • Revision Control Ensure all of your learners have the right version assessment when they need it.
  • Resource Library A dynamic library of your content in any format including HTML, MP4, pdf, Microsoft Office etc

Learner Journey

  • Student Mode An intuitive learner app built to support people at all levels of their digital literacy and designed to keep your process moving.
  • Unique Dashboard Designed to show work outstanding front and centre with achievements in view too!
  • Learner and Record Timeline A record of what actions your learners have taken and when.
  • Announcements and Email Communicate in a timely manner with all of your students throughout their journey.
  • Digital Forms Gather and manage information in secure digital forms like student enrolment, surveys, compliants etc
  • Paths Paths allow you to deliver contextualised content for different learners within the same unit.


  • Course & User Management Effortlessly assign secure user roles within Cloud Assess that suit your organisation.
  • Live Reports Create reports with raw data that provide you with information in seconds.
  • 2 Factor Authentication Ensure the utmost in security with 2 factor authentication.
  • Integration with your SMS Cloud Assess integrates with leading Student Management Systems for free!
  • Automation Automate actions and tasks including, allowing new attempts, updating your SMS, emailing your learners etc
  • Exports and bulk actions Export data into CSV, Excel or PDF at the click of a button. Perform a bulk action in minutes saving your hours.

“Our Implementation was seamless!”

The implementation team at Cloud Assess take you through a rigorous, 4 phase, implementation process to ensure that you get up to speed quickly and you are ready to go when the flag drops.

Talk to our customer service team today to find out more.

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Get even more value

Reach even higher heights with the Value Pack that can be included onto Silver and Gold Accounts and comes complimentary to Platinum and Premium Packages. Features include:

people and ipads-02
  • The Enrolment Engine Take learner enrolments online, collect data and push information to your SMS.
  • Third Party Users Effortlessly engage third parties to monitor and participate.
  • Webforms Easily gather data from your website and send it straight to Cloud Assess.
  • Offline Take records offline and work on them without an internet connection.
  • Branding The solution looks like your in-house Training & Assessment platform.

Packages to suit every RTO

Simple packages that scale with capacity as you do.




For RTOs with a smaller number of active students looking for a streamlined feature rich Training and Assessment Solution with no compromise on quality for a smaller account.




For RTOs with a medium to high volume of concurrent students looking for the best in customer service and support and features designed to support you as you scale.




To suit RTOs with a large number of concurrent students and looking for a solution with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a best in class training and assessment solution.




For large organisations with high volumes, looking for a consultative approach.
  • Volume Discounts
  • Dedicated Consultant
  • Exclusive Features
  • Free Value Pack
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Not sure which package suits you best?

We offer a Starter Package for RTOs beginning their digital transformation. For more information contact the team today.


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