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Designed specifically for the VET sector, take a spin of the leading software solution designed so you can create the most exceptional learner outcomes.

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Thousands of users, and hundreds of schools, private RTOs, enterprises and government organisations across Australasia trust Cloud Assess. 

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Create Exceptional Outcomes

Compliance Peace of Mind

A minefield of obligations and requirements is easier to navigate than ever before. Manage the worry and stress to take steps to control processes with confidence. Access a range of features designed specifically for your compliance requirements.

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Drive Efficiencies

Remove time-intensive tasks like printing, posting, processing, scanning and retaining paper-based assessments. Create, conduct and manage everything to do with your assessments online, providing a proven upturn in quality, productivity and sustainability.

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Assessment Modes

Satisfy any assessment requirement. Whether you need a knowledge assessment, practical assessment, observation checklists, evidence portfolios, logbooks, 3rd party reports or RPLs, we've got you covered.

Evidence Upload

Design your assessments to include "evidence uploads" to gather evidence. Learners can provide photo’s videos or audio straight through their mobile device even while being out in the field with no reception needed.


Map your units of competency to the requirements on training.gov with a click of a button. You gain a comprehensive insight into how your assessments or clusters are meeting the requirements of Validity and Sufficiency.

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