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The Next Generation
Learner App

Give your learners the best in design and experience to create exceptional outcomes.
Learner App

Create Exceptional Outcomes

Designed with your users at the forefront, take a look at the progressive new app designed to create the best experience for your learners.

The Best Experience for your Learners & Team

Ease of Use

From the moment your learners log in, they will clearly see progress and priorities, with actionable tasks 1 click away. The frictionless interface means you can keep your learners on track with little distraction. They can effortlessly navigate from the dashboard to their course and get going quickly. 

Dynamic Learning Content

Wow your learners with a range of content including eLearning objects, HTML, pdf's, videos, Microsoft documents and more. Right where and when they need it.

Effortless Engagement

1:1 Messaging allows your learners to directly communicate with their Trainers/Assessors. Effortlessly engage learners on your Course with Posts, this is a newsfeed giving you the ability to communicate and drive Learner collaboration. Use Announcements to communicate welcome messages, up and coming deadlines, events and more. Connect to your Learners with a slick and engaging process to keep them on track and give your Assessors control over their schedules and resources with the Calendar.

Limitless Assessment

Whether your learners work remotely, in class or in the workplace, you can effortlessly gather knowledge and performance evidence through slick assessments in accordance with your training plan and unit requirements.

Learner App

What They Think

“My year 12 classes LOVE it. They say it’s clean, easy to use and much cooler than anything else they have used.”

Darren Scheerhoorn, PST

Take your RTO to higher heights

Learn first hand how your RTO can benefit from the leading purpose built solution for vocational training and assessment.