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All the tools you need and an intuitive interface. The world is your oyster to create your assessments and manage revisions in line with the standards. Think rich text, audio, checkboxes, automarking, sketch pads etc.


Our unique revision control engine means that you can ensure all of your learners have the right version assessment when they need it. You are in full control over what is being shared and with who.


Clustering is simple with the Mapping tool. You can associate your assessment with multiple units of competency with a click of a button.

Deployment Modes

Not every assessment needs to work the same way. Use this flexible solution to provide a library of forms for your users, right at their fingertips. 

Embed media

Unlike a rigid eLearning system, you can embed media into your assessments to enable students to access vital sources of information when they need it. This can be videos, images and audio.


Map your units of competency to the requirements on training.gov with a click of a button. You gain a comprehensive insight into how your assessments or clusters are meeting the requirements of Validity and Sufficiency.


Assessment Types

Use Cloud Assess to satisfy any assessment requirement. Knowledge assessment, practical assessment, observation checklist, evidence portfolio, log book, 3rd party report, RPL.


No reception, no problem. You can use our iOS app to work without the need for internet. You can also check out the files you want and sync back when you are in range to support work in remote areas.

Evidence Upload

Design your assessments to include "evidence uploads". Learners can provide photo’s, videos or audio straight through their mobile device.

Auto Marking

Use auto marking to apply outcomes to questions through multiple choice and drop down list format questions.


Gather hand drawn electronic signatures using touchscreen devices.

Repeat Attempts

Easily issue and track repeat attempts with Cloud Assess Workflow and monitor through the Timeline and Stats tools.



Mistakes happen, and until they don’t, you’ll find our deploy function invaluable. With Deploy, you can swap out learner records with new revisions or add new tools to their enrolment, without painful and manual processes.


Every user and record has its own visual timeline for you to review at any time. With filters and exports you can track drill into a complete history of every action and step through your process. Be audit ready!


Unique to Cloud Assess you can easily fulfil your continuous improvement obligations with a revision history breakdown of pass-fail rates. You are provided with a full breakdown outcomes by assessor, question or mapping criteria to give your team the information they need to make positive changes.

Online training + assessment


Provide a consistent and automated experience for all of your users, raising efficiencies and managing compliance obligations.


Take the stress out of even more paperwork and processing with a super flexible solution to gathering and managing information.


Leverage more streamlining benefits with our powerful off the shelf integrations with all major Student Management System.


Present your users with your brand and corporate colours through your unique sub-domain, all within our responsive interface. We even brand email communications to provide a complete package.


Leading resource provider content available off-the-shelf. Contextualise and manage revisions through the Dynamic Authoring Suite.


Unique Dashboards according to your User type, you will be able to see at a glance what is required to keep your process moving.


Support & Training when you need it

When you use Cloud Assess you become part of the family! We don't just talk about support, we lead this space. We offer the best response times you will ever have experienced. Don't take our word for it. Ask if you can speak to some of our customers.


Help Centre
Comprehensive Content Library

Packed with articles and videos, our help centre is a valuable go-to for any of your users to get guidance quickly.


Learn from the experts

Our experienced consulting team can help you get from zero to hero in a flash. They’ve got the experience and capability to get you up to speed and saving money in no time.


Let’s Chat
No more tickets!

You’ll never be sat waiting with Cloud Chat. Our team are poised for immediate and non-automated responses, all within our app.


Security & Infrastructure



256bit SSL encryption protects every bit of data you send to or receive from Cloud Assess from unauthorised viewing.


ISO 27001

ISO27001 certified hosting to give you assurance that your data is safe and sound. Ask us for details if you need to know more.


Domestic Hosting

All your data is domestically hosted in Australia with Amazon Web Services. It's kept safe and there promptly when you need it, plus your privacy act obligations are looked after.