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Take Your Student Experience

To The Next Level


As we navigate through the new world order we understand that engaging students and team members online is more important than ever. 

That's why we have introduced some key new features to Cloud Assess. Embrace the flipped classroom with easy to navigate course messaging and by sharing a range of multimedia resources. For more information click here:

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Features Designed To Support You Engaging Online

Learner App

Engage your students with an interface designed just for them. With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, the dynamic Learner App places their work front and centre with no unnecessary features to distract them. Learners can intuitively navigate to course information, assessments and resources.


Similar to a Facebook Newsfeed, Posts allow Assessors to create posts within a course to ensure there is one place for their students to get information. Examples include Zoom meeting links, news, updates, videos etc. Entice your students to collaborate by commenting on a post, with an icebreaker question or for feedback on a video

Resources Library

Students can access your course content at their own pace in the Dynamic Resources Library. Upload interactive HTML content, pdfs, Word docs, videos and even links to Dropbox or Google Drive so that your learners can download content to consume remotely.