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Assessment is hard enough

It's time to use technology to align with the Standards for RTOs and make compliance part of your process. Built specifically for RTOs to manage their compliance requirements, particularly the many clauses within Standard One, the team at Cloud Assess are passionate about helping you succeed in making your Student Experience as engaging and streamlined as possible.


Total Visibility

With all data available in real time, all users have greater visibility of workloads and performance to give you the intel when you need it.

All Assessment Types

Satisfy Validity within the rules of evidence and create any assessment type including Knowledge and practical assessments, observation checklists, evidence portfolios, log books, 3rd party reports and RPL. No restrictions on assessment types or question format, your resources as you want them.

Continuous Improvement

Create a reliable assessment process with the Stats tool. Easily fulfil your continuous improvement obligations by accessing insightful data including pass-fail rates which can be filtered by assessor, question or mapping criteria. It provides you with the information required to make positive change.

Super Easy Mapping

Gaining a comprehensive insight into how your assessments or clusters are meeting the requirements of Validity and Sufficiency, is just one benefit of Cloud Assess Mapping. You can also analyse student submissions for skills gaps or training needs in seconds, saving you hours.

All On The Same Page

Version or revision control is an area that can spiral out of control with different file sharing devices, email etc. To ensure Reliability, Cloud Assess has a unique Revision Control engine which means you can ensure your learners have the right version assessment at the right time.


As a solution that facilitates the assessment process, Authenticity is considered throughout the app allowing assessors to gather evidence face-to-face, build in acknowledgement forms and even capture electronic signatures, audio and video.

Chronological Records

Gather recorded data to provide evidence of your adherence to compliance guidelines, particularly in relation support and progression. With the Timeline you see a visual record of Student access, due dates, submissions, retained attempt history, which can also be exported to Excel.


Every assessment record is effortlessly retained forever with a full visual and exportable timeline providing peace of mind adherence to compliance requirements. Years after an assessment is done and dusted, you’ll know when it was created, issued, submitted, saved, opened, marked and so on.

Streamlined compliance

Let it flow! Using workflows and forms you can gather vital information from your students, communicate and integrate with other systems. This will keep your process moving and ensure nothing is forgotten or missed out.

RTO Compliance

As the Vocational Education and Training Industry enters a new world regime of auditing WH&S More Skills, The Sydney Theatre School, J&P Richardson wanted to ensure they were using an online system. Watch their story here: