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Access Year13 & YouthSense Gen Z Marketing Report

20 - August - 2019


The team behind Australia’s leading youth engagement platform explain how to best connect and engage with young people online.

One of the biggest challenges RTOs and other educators face is marketing to prospective students effectively. University has become somewhat of the ‘default’ option for many young Australians, so vocational education providers have to work extra hard and extra smart to make sure their marketing efforts break through the noise. However, growing up as digital natives means Gen Z’s attitudes towards media has shifted and is increasingly difficult to pin down.

To help understand how young people engage with advertising, Year13 surveyed over 1000 people aged 15 to 24 across Australia. This data has been used to produce a youth marketing report, with some key insights including their favourite streaming and social media platforms, their favourite ways to relax online, where they actually like to see ads, who they trust online and their preferred method of marketing.

Click here to download the report.

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