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15 Go-To Techniques to Make Formative Assessment a Success

Jun 18, 2020 10:35:32 PM

Formative Assessment is often the overlooked sibling to Summative Assessment. This is probably...

Getting Back to the Office and Face-to-Face Training: What the Future Holds For RTOs


As physical distancing measures continue to ease and many of us prepare to transition back to the office and training in a face-to-face capacity,...

Meet Cloud Assess's Super Talented SE, Victor!


As you effortlessly navigate through the new Learner Interface or assign work and see it in the Calendar, you might be surprised to know how long...

Koala Bye, We Hope Not!


"Koala Bye", is one of the cutest songs that the Wiggles sing and is so quintessentially Australian, but then you could look at it another way......

Meet Josh Hooper, Your Customer Support Expert!


Meet Josh, your friendly Customer Support Expert. Josh always goes above and beyond when helping customers to give them the best result.

Meet National Training Manager Sonya Johnson from breakthru Community College


Every year we look forward to announcing the winner of the Cloud Assess Conference iPad Giveaway. Not only is it a time to giveback to a member of...

Meet our Developer Intern Joseph Meagalli from the Coder Academy


Recently we were lucky enough to take on an intern from the Coder Academy. Joseph Meagalli was enrolled in a course that focuses on teaching...