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Demystifying Online Learning, Training and Assessment


In 2020, the term “online” is being used more than ever! But what does online learning, training and assessment actually mean? Does it refer to...

ASQA News: Online Learning in the VET Sector & VET in Schools


ASQA recently published their updated Regulatory Strategy 2020-2022 that outlines the influence that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the VET...

Getting Back to the Office and Face-to-Face Training: What the Future Holds For RTOs


As physical distancing measures continue to ease and many of us prepare to transition back to the office and training in a face-to-face capacity,...

Meet Cloud Assess's Super Talented Software Engineer, Victor


As you effortlessly navigate through the new Learner Interface or assign work and see it in the Calendar, you might be surprised to know how long...

Koala Bye, We Hope Not!


"Koala Bye", is one of the cutest songs that the Wiggles sing and is so quintessentially Australian, but then you could look at it another way......

Meet Josh Hooper, Your Customer Support Expert!


Meet Josh, your friendly Customer Support Expert. Josh always goes above and beyond when helping customers to give them the best result.