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What Has Changed in ECEC and What This Means for You


Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) is a large, diverse and rapidly growing sector that is integral to our economy. Emphasis is placed on...

We're all Smiling for Smiddy!


Who and What is Smiling for Smiddy?

Sadly it can be said that we have all been touched by cancer in our lives; whether ourselves, close family,...

5 Ways to Use Your RTO Calendar


It's Sunday night and you start to get that niggly feeling about what your week ahead is going to look like...

Relax! You're a click away from...

International Women's Day - Choose to Challenge


Cloud Assess is recognised as one of Australia's leading digital innovators in the vocational online assessment and training space. Our business...

VET Sector Insights: The Info You Need to Stay Current


As we get further into 2021 and continue to watch the economic and social recovery from the devastating impact of COVID-19, we begin to wonder...

ASQA HIIT Session: What You Need To Know


2021 is shaping up to be another busy year as ASQA continues their reform agenda with the main goal being to deliver quality VET outcomes.