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How to Increase Efficiency in Your RTO


Prestige Service Training had a problem with paperwork that was stifling the business. Cloud Assess helped to increase efficiency in their RTO.

Learn How This RTO Minimised Compliance Risk


This blog was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated for freshness and relevancy...

The Sydney Theatre School needed a...

How This RTO Manages A Compliant Recognition of Prior Learning Process


"I can't wait for the next audit." These were the words from the RTO Manager at J&P Richardson (JPR) after using Cloud Assess to manage a...

Cloud Assess is more than just online assessment, it's the future


WH&S More Skills increased their RTO's compliance and efficiency with the help of Cloud Assess and entered the future of assessment.

PST Delivers Online Assessment for VETiS


Prestige Service Training (PST) were ramping up their enrolment and reached out to Cloud Assess as a Solution to support their demand.