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We're all Smiling for Smiddy!

Apr 12, 2021 2:17:16 PM

Who and What is Smiling for Smiddy?

Sadly it can be said that we have all been touched by cancer...

ASQA Rapid Review: What This Means For RTOs


It’s been almost a year since the final Rapid Review Report was released which outlines the recommendations that the Australian Skills Quality...

The What, How & Why of ASQA's Annual Declaration on Compliance


If you work within a Registered Training Organisation, chances are that you’re somewhat familiar with ASQA’s Annual Declaration on Compliance....

ASQA HIIT Session: What You Need To Know


2021 is shaping up to be another busy year as ASQA continues their reform agenda with the main goal being to deliver quality VET outcomes.

RTO Requirements and Responsibilities: Complying With Legislation


Running an RTO is complex and requires a clear understanding of the relevant legislation and regulatory requirements (and there are plenty of...

The What, Why and How of the ASQA Learner and Employer Questionnaires


In an effort to help maintain the high quality of Australian Vocational Education, RTOs are required to survey their learners and employees each...

How RTOs Can Involve Other Parties In Collecting Assessment Evidence


When involving other parties to collect assessment evidence, is your RTO checking all the right boxes? There are considerations that must be made...