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Top 10 Changes To Student Life Since Online Learning Started

16 - April - 2020

The transition to virtual learning hasn’t been easy for everyone. Dining areas, kitchen counters and bedside tables are all doing double duty as makeshift work stations. Not to mention the added stress for those who also have to share these new workstations with their children. Luckily, we managed to speak to some students who have found their silver lining. Here’s what they’re enjoying most.

  1. Pets in lectures. Instructors’ pets. Classmates’ pets. Just all the pets.   

    Top 10 Best Changes to Student Life - Featured Image
  2. The updated dress code from the waist down, am I right?
  3. Seeing classmates’ and instructors’ home offices, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc. and being able to silently judge the decor.
  4. The bi-weekly petrol budget has become the bi-weekly beer budget.
  5. Commuting to class has quite literally never been easier. 
  6. Really embracing the whole “I woke up like this” hairstyle.
  7. Being entertained by the one classmate who forgets that everyone can see them and does a face mask while eating an entire pizza during a lecture. #lifegoals
  8. The proximity to snacks, bed and the toilet has never been better.
  9. Realising that no matter how hard it is to focus on learning while being stuck inside with your family, at least you never had to live with Carole Baskin.
  10. Revelling in the “smartest person in the room” title.

While we hope that you have found your own silver lining in all of this, we are also hopeful that things will get back to normal soon. The social distancing measures we've been practicing have had a massive impact on flattening the curve. Until then, stay safe.

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