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Mapping Case Study: DFES

14 - March - 2017

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services had to speed up their mapping processes. Cloud Assess's VET specific platform was the solution.

Mapping Case StudyDFES as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) provides professional development services for volunteers and employees to enhance their operational and organisational skills within the Western Australian (WA) community.

The team at DFES were conducting their mapping in Word processing documents. Setting up and editing was tedious. Whenever an edit was required from a simple delete through to adding an assessment tool they had to redesign the entire table again.

It was a cumbersome and laborious task from start to finish. Over assessing was taking place as well as a mountain of manual and repetitive tasks.


DFES looked for an online assessment tool, specifically VET aligned, to assist with the manual and laborious tasks they faced. Cloud Assess helped in the following ways:

Unit of competency mapped for you
DFES have been working on building two programs into Cloud Assess over the past year and this has been a really positive process for them. “It’s so easy!” States Manager Quality Assurance, Christine Caughey. “I love that the Cloud Assess team promptly validates the unit from Training.gov.au and then we can just get on with it.”

Streamlining process
Previously the whole assessment tool would need to be redesigned then mapped when confident no further changes were required. The team no longer have to go back and forth when reformatting an assessment. The biggest advantage has been the ability to cluster our assessments so easily. Christine states, “I can easily map a question or task across multiple units.”

Extra compliance measures achieved
The team at DFES have limited users who can modify materials. Cloud Assess tracks versions and those with access can make notes along the way of what and why changes have been made. The system offers greater control in relation to who can access and modify templates.

Christine can quickly and easily modify assessments and then see the changes straight away. She can look at the whole unit mapping and can see at a glance if there are any gaps, or even if they are potentially over assessing which used to be a big problem.

For DFES’s first trial program, they put all paper assessments into the system to capture what happens across the whole program. This included both accredited and non-accredited training. “It’s so good that we can use Cloud Assess to meet all our needs in this regard. In doing this process we were able to evaluate the program holistically. We identified where there was over assessment occurring and reduced the number of assessments by 25%. This also enabled us to simply identify where there were any remaining gaps and so quickly build in questions and tasks to deal with them.”

DFES are building a second program now and it has sped up their development process significantly. They add questions, map them and instantly analyse. Questions can be moved around, re-ordered or reworded plus the mapping can be instantly changed too which is extremely beneficial and increases efficiency throughout this process.

 Mapping Case Study Christine Caughey, Manager Quality Assurance“It has been great that the team at Cloud Assess have been so responsive along the way. Whenever we have shared ideas for improvement of functionality they have taken it on board and we usually see changes happen in a short time frame. It just keeps getting better the more we use it.”  For more information on how Cloud Assess can benefit your RTO click on the button below or subscribe to email updates below. You can also watch our explainer video on our home page. 


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