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How This RTO Manages A Compliant Recognition of Prior Learning Process

30 - October - 2018

"I can't wait for the next audit." These were the words from the RTO Manager at J&P Richardson (JPR) after using Cloud Assess to manage a Compliant Recognition of Prior Learning Process.

Have you ever said this?

A long standing Australian business, JPR have been providing services in the electrical and mechanical contracting field since 1958. As part of their group, they run a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who mastered the fine art of a Compliant Recognition of Prior Learning Process.

JPR Testimonial 2019


Many qualifications in this industry are specialised and high risk. They require Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and a great amount of evidence gathering before a learner can commence on a course. They set about looking for a system that could help gather information in a flexible and easy to use way for the learner to follow through and the trainers assessors to build on.


Where required for a course, RPL kits were set up in Cloud Assess. Learners login and are taken through a step by step process guiding them to upload/insert/complete the required evidence. From here, all the evidence is mapped to the competency it is related to. Therefore, upon submission, an instant skills and/or knowledge evidence gap assessment can be produced highlighting any areas needing gap training.


JPR now have cutting edge RPL modules that learners find easy to work through and trainers and assessors manage with ease.

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