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Rob’s Review, 2018 and beyond for Cloud Assess

11 - December - 2018

As we approach the end of 2018 I find it’s a time I reflect on where we have got to, and the journey we’ve been on to date. 2019 will see us transition into our 7th year of operation, and I’m so proud of the organisation we have become. We are very fortunate to have a solid, stable and committed team, aligned to our vision of providing an exceptional customer experience through an industry-leading product and second to none service, and you or your team will have been hands-on with this throughout the year.

cloud assess review


Product Development lightyears ahead!

In terms of our product, we have come a long way since inception in 2012. When I look back at our original concept and screenshots of our solution pre-launch, it’s clear that we’ve matured. What started as an evidence gathering tool, for assessors, has become a comprehensive and industry leading training and assessment solution for the VET sector. We continue to invest heavily in product development, as such, this year we’ve introduced some fantastic new features, designed to make it easier for RTOs to do things correctly and efficiently such as;

  • Quality checks, which enable RTOs to prevent errors and manage sample rate checks for quality control purposes.
  • Learning resources, which enable the hosting of learning content, presented to learners through their course view.
  • The Marketplace, which enables quick access to off the shelf resources, that can be fully contextualised to suit your requirements.

We’ve also deployed countless enhancements to a range of functions within the solution, which enable you to benefit from improved workflows, better unit resulting controls, improved revision control capabilities, and statistics to help you more easily identify opportunities for continuous improvement, to name but a few.
As always we’re excited about the coming months, with a solution in beta for log-books and a new feature called “Paths” that will help you to manage and deploy alternative contextualised resources for different paths for the same units. We’ve also got a great road-map with some groundbreaking additions to take us to some exciting new functions, so watch this space!

Cloud Assess reviewFirst response time of 44 seconds!

Our focus on service is also a clear factor that sets us apart from other providers. We pride ourselves on breaking the traditional mould of software customer support and aim to provide a reliable and personal service, rather than an anonymous, low touch point app. So far for this calendar year to date, through the thousands of support tickets raised, our dedicated team have achieved a median first response time of 44 seconds! That’s the amount of time it takes to get a response from a real person if someone in your team raises a support issue. Our median time to close issues is just over 57 minutes. We have given nearly 20,000 replies to comments, and many of those are out of hours, and a few were at 3 am! 

Cloud Assess review99.99% uptime

Our infrastructure is something that isn’t often regarded as a feature, but we invest very heavily in the best technology to provide a robust, responsive and secure solution that facilitates best in class response times for page loads, government grade security to keep your data safe, and redundancy that means backups are always in place by the minute, hour, day, week and month. We can now even roll out day to day code changes without any downtime, enabling us to smash our commitment to 99.99% uptime.

2019 looks bright!

Recent times have been somewhat disruptive in the VET space. There is often disappointing news in the press, tarnishing the industry and reputation of the ethical vast majority. We remain excited and positive about our opportunity to partner with progressive RTOs and have a positive impact on the industry, and individual learners’ lives. With innovations set to be launched in the coming months, we know that 2019 will be more exciting than any to date.

Cloud Assess review