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5 Compelling Reasons Mapping Supports RTOs

14 - March - 2017

Mapping Although “Mapping” is not a prescribed methodology from ASAQ, RTOs still need to, “demonstrate the validity of their assessment tools.”

The pitfalls of not using a tool like mapping can leave you wide open to risk from under or over assessing. You can run into inefficiencies and potentially non-compliance or worse, under skilled workers.

Mapping is a highly commended method of validity, and championed by key people in the VET industry, like Kerri Buttery, and since the rise of online assessment, mapping has become even more reliable and systematic.

RTOs across Australia are reaping the following benefits when using Cloud Assess Mapping:

1. Link components of your assessment to unit requirements with ease

Whether it’s Elements and Performance criteria or Knowledge or Performance evidence, ensure you’re covering everything you should. All units of competency are available in Cloud Assess. If they haven’t been imported yet, you can easily click a button and request the unit from the Cloud Assess support team who promptly validates the unit from Training.gov.au and away you go!

2. Ensure Validity

Map your learners demonstrated skills and knowledge across a range of environments and contexts relevant to the unit of competency. 

3. Instant Analysis of Submissions

Once you have marked a students submission, you can instantly analyse and understand where the skills or knowledge gaps fall in order to provide a training plan in minutes, saving your hours.

4. Streamline Your Process

Rather than using multiple spreadsheets and word documents you can effortlessly create your assessments using the authoring tool and map them as you go. Clustering assessments has never been easier mapping one question or task across multiple units is as simple as a click of a button.

5. Achieve Extra Compliance Measures 

Cloud Assess tracks versions and those with access can make notes along the way of what and why changes have been made. The system offers greater control in relation to who can access and modify templates. 

You can quickly and easily modify assessments and then see the changes straight away. Get a macro view of the whole unit mapping and see at a glance if there are any gaps, or even if you are potentially over assessing.

One RTO has reduced over assessing by 25% and raised efficiencies exponentially. They can now add questions, map them and instantly analyse. Questions can be moved around, re-ordered or reworded plus the mapping can be instantly changed too which is extremely beneficial and increases efficiency throughout their process.

For more information on Cloud Assess Mapping, contact the team today.