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Conduct effective assessment, online. Different to eLearning, use Cloud Assess to support the way your RTO delivers assessment.

Drag & Drop Construction

Easily drag and drop text fields, image fields and more with the powerful dynamic editor. With the flexiblity of the designer, tie in workflows and communicate effortlessly and effectively.

Additional Attempts

Not every learner is successful on their first attempt of an assessment. With Cloud Assess you can easily record the feedback provided and launch another attempt. All attempts are securely retained for your history.

Revision Control

Retain your full revision history and the reasons for change for all of your assessments. Evidence of continuous improvement at your finger-tips.

Evidence Upload

Provide the ability for your users to upload evidence in a range of forms using their phone, tablets, or computers. Quick and easy evidence of competency to support your judgements.

Model Answers

Ensure your assessors have the best information in front of them to suit fair and consistent competency judgements by embedding model answers and clear guidance throughout.

Signature Fields

Users with a touch-screen device can apply signatures directly into their assessment to make a declaration to confirm their own work or understanding of rules. Authenticity at your fingertips.

RTO assessment compliance is our #1 priority. Find out how you can use Cloud Assess to support your compliance requirements. Access Your Guide to Tackling ASQA's Standard One for RTOs here:
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Whether its performance evidence, knowledge evidence or assessment conditions, ensure you're covering everything you should, no matrices in sight.

Everything Covered

Ensure you have all the requirements of your unit(s) covered. Performance criteria, performance and knowledge evidence, assessment conditions, all mapped to the content of your assessments.

Gap Analysis

Once you've marked or reviewed a candidates submission, you can instantly analyse and understand where the skills or knowledge gaps fall in order to provide a training plan in minutes, saving you hours.

Continuous Improvement

Review your submission history and produce an analysis report instantly  breaking down and highlighting a range of opportunities to improve across the principles of assessment.

Read how the Department of Fire and Emergency in Western Australia have reduced over assessing by 25% using Cloud Assess Mapping:

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Your very own online assessment system #myrtosoftware

Your Brand

Present your users with your brand and corporate colours through your unique sub-domain, all within our responsive interface. We even brand email communications to provide a complete package.

Sharp Presentation

No blurred logos. We convert your logo into vector graphics to ensure that no matter what device or browser, your brand is presented in the sharpest way possible.

Branded iOS App

The ultimate in presentation. We can provide your account with an iOS app just for your users. Home screen button, login screens, tour screens all aligned to your corporate identity.

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To see what your branded assessment app could look like, contact us today for your free trial account: 
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No signal, no problem. Off-line functionality to keep you on track, when you’re off the beaten track.

No Internet

No reception, no problem. You can use our iOS app to work without the need for internet and support assessment in remote areas.


Before you go out in the field simply check-out the assessments that you want to work on and complete in the field or workplace.


After you've completed your assessments in the field and you are back in range of wi-fi or mobile internet, you can re-sync your records and they're securely retained.


Forms & Work-flow

A truly paperless system allows you to automate processes so you can focus on other priorities.

Eliminate Paperwork

Support your RTO workflows with forms for your users that are all retained for your team to process. Feedback, grievance, enquiries, with the amazing range of fields that you get in assessments.

Web-forms & Payment

Deploy your forms outside of your Cloud Assess account to gather information from prospects or inquiries via your website. Also take payments for enrolments, workshops or as part of a form.


Automate communications and actions based on a range of events to make your work-flows smooth and seamless with our unique work-flow engine.


Read how Cloud Assess supports ASQA's focus on the Student Experience using Workflow and Forms:

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Off-the-shelf integration solutions to make your work-flows between Cloud Assess and your student management system seamless.

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Integration Diagram
Extract Enrolments

Take your enrolments from your Student Management System (SMS) and push them into Cloud Assess at the push of a button. No doubling up on data entry.

Live Result Transfer

Once results are in, you can automatically transfer them back from Cloud Assess to your SMS with our live integration. No processing or time wasting.

Custom Integration

If you use a less common system then we are happy to work with your team to provide a seamless solution through our fully documented and open API.

Job Ready


With Cloud Assess you don't just buy software, you get our support.

Support Team

In the unlikely event that you have a technical issue, we'll be right back to you as quick as we can be. We pride ourselves in best-in-class support, CLICK HERE to read what our clients say.

Knowledge Centre

Our Knowledge Centre contains documentation to support your users whenever there is a need.

Training & Consulting

Our training experts offer their experience and guidance to fast track your implementation.  You can then reap the rewards sooner.

To get in touch with one of our friendly members of the team to discuss your online training and assessment requirements click here:

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We take protecting your data as seriously as you do.

High Integrity Hosting

Our cloud hosting is the best in the business. Virtually no downtime, and durability to keep your data flowing when you need it. Safe and secure.

SSL Encryption

256bit encryption to keep any data transferred between you and us secure.

ISO 27001 Certified

Our hosting provider is ISO 27001 compliant, meaning that you can rest assured your data is in good hands.

Worry free hosting to keep your records safe