Cloud Assess is more than just online assessment, it's the future


RTOs across Australia are moving their assessments online with Cloud Assess

If you own or work at a Registered Training Organisation or part of a training team you would understand the role that paper has played traditionally throughout the assessment process.


Whether you have needed to create assessments, gather and retain evidence, collaborate with students, assessors or trainers, huge amounts of time can be spent printing, processing, scanning and storing (or losing) important documents. Then perhaps uploading them into disconnected systems and storage devices.


Cloud Assess is an online solution that removes the traditional ways to gather evidence and conduct assessment. Training Organisations can achieve enrolment through to completion of assessment all in the one platform.

What does the National VET Conference have in store


The 2017 National VET Conference (NVC) is held in Sydney this year and it is about to commence. We are proud to be sponsoring the event for the 5th year in a row and have some exciting new features to share with delegates. With a great line up of Vocational Education and Training (VET) experts, it is set to be an exciting event that sets the scene for all things VET. The event commences today, Wednesday 13th September for master classes, and closes on Friday 15th September.

Velg Training's National VET Conference


Celebrating 25 Years of ACPET


RTO Managers, Trainers, Executives, Government officials and more gathered at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre last week to celebrate 25 years of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET).


A great professional development opportunity, the conference also paid homage to those who lobby for the Vocational Education sector ensuring we are on track to support private education providers meet the skills required for tomorrow.

Supporting continuous improvement of assessment

Driving even more efficiencies for your RTO with online assessment


Still chance to reserve tickets for ACPET with Cloud Assess


Celebrating Vocational Education & Training in Schools


This month we proudly exhibited at Velg Training's Queensland Schools VET Conference.

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