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Cloud Assess is a practical system designed for RTOs to create, conduct and control assessments.


Refreshingly Different

Refreshingly Different Refreshingly Different

Cloud Assess enables you to efficiently gather performance and knowledge evidence aligned to assessment conditions.

Aligned to RTOs

Cloud Assess is a flexible online assessment platform designed specifically for vocational assessment

Created by and for the VET sector, Cloud Assess is a system tailor made for RTOs. A solution powered by a unique and dynamic platform, it enables you to conduct and manage effective assessment. 


READ MORE about Assessment Features in Cloud Assess.

Testimonial Headshots Mark

"Cloud Assess bridges the gap between online and face to face"
Mark Matthews
Sydney Theatre School

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Built for VET to make your life easier

Cloud Assess is built with the #1 purpose of making your assessments compliant. We have developed a range of features aligned to your compliance obligations. These include:


Mapping - Link parts of your assessments to unit requirements

Evidence Capture - Ensure critical evidence is easily gathered and retained

Revision Control - Retain full revision history of all of your assessments

Record retention - Retain your assessment records effortlessly

Signatures - Authenticate learners using their signatures


Book in for a DEMO and we can take you for a tour.

Testimonial Headshots Peter

"I can't wait for the next ASQA audit!"
Peter Rundle-Curry, J&P Richardson Industries

Assessment Compliance Checklist RTOs

READ MORE about mapping and other features

Sustainable Efficiency

Are sustainable practices important to your RTO?

Traditionally paper has been the backbone of any RTO due to the heavy legislative obligations to fulfil. Cloud Assess provide a truly paperless solution that aligns to the requirements of competency based training and assessment. You no longer need to waste resources printing and processing paper.


Try Cloud Assess for free today to discover the benefits.


Testimonial Headshots Nick

"We eliminated more than 99% of our printing at one of our facilities in the first month of implementation."
Nick Bottrall, EIM Training

Sustainability RTOs

1 tree = 16.67 reams of paper = 6668 sheets and only 333 assessments

Return on Investment

How is Cloud Assess cost efficient?

Cloud Assess isn't just a smarter way to work, it also helps you put money back in the bank. By avoiding paperwork you don't just avoid the cost of printing, there's the cost to collate, post, file, process, scan, upload, retain and destroy avoided too. Plus you can't lose paperwork that doesn't get printed.

Your saving potential

Every Cloud Assess demo includes a tailored business case to break down savings that your company will be able to benefit from. You'll be surprised how much you can save by doing less work.  Contact a member of our friendly team who can instantly calculate the savings you can achieve.

Testimonial Headshots Tim

"The Cloud Assess solution has delivered a staggering return on investment for our business. We would never go back to paper"
Tim Firth, TOC Automotive College

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